Welcome to SN Link Wi-Fi

We recognize the importance of your time and resources, and we are therefore committed to achieve your satisfaction with our services. Our objective is to provide efficient and reliable Wi-Fi systems and network support for your hotel guest. We will not be satisfied with our work unless the customer is satisfied first! With this in mind, we offer a 30-day unconditional labor guarantee for requested services.



Our Wi-Fi Deployments





Hotel & Resort


Remote Lodging

SN Link Wi-Fi offers wireless internet access solutions that meet major hotel chains' HSIA standards


SN Link Wi-Fi has successfully served the Oil, Gas and Construction industries at remote sites




RV Park



SN Link Wi-Fi offers robust wireless internet solutions for outdoor hospitality industries


SN Link Wi-Fi solutions have been deployed at school, church, and various non-profit establishments




Our Wi-Fi Systems



Guest Login Portal


Remote  Monitoring

Professional login portal with your brand logo dynamically adapts to multiple screen sizes across a wide range of mobile device operating systems


24/7 system automated Wi-Fi monitoring system allows us to address any Wi-Fi network issue before your guest reports at your front desk or at the time of check out


Bandwidth Management
Robust Wi-Fi Networking
Bandwidth management admin allows to control guest internet usage. Set high bandwidth for pay and low bandwidth at no charge to a group or even an individual guest
  Self-healing technology in our APs allows them to automatically reconfigure and use mesh links in the event of a wired Ethernet r switch failure which results in no Wi-Fi downtime

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