Robust Wi-Fi Systems
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Our Wi-Fi Systems Features

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Guest Login Portal

Professional custom login portal with your brand logo dynamically adapts to multiple screen sizes across a wide range of mobile device operating systems




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Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management admin allows to control guest internet usage. Set high bandwidth for pay and low bandwidth at no charge to a group or even an individual guest



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Remote Monitoring

24/7 system automated Wi-Fi monitoring system allows us to address any Wi-Fi network issue before your guest reports at your front desk or at the time of check out



Robust Wi-Fi Networking

Self-healing technology in our APs allows them to automatically reconfigure and use mesh links in the event of a wired Ethernet r switch failure which results in no Wi-Fi downtime


Real Time Client Information


Real Time Traffic Information


Real Time Access Points Information


Layer 7 Traffic Filtering


RF Optimization


Self Healing Mesh Networking


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