SN Link installs and supports wi-fi systems, security systems, and digital cloud managed signage systems for the hotels, RV park, retail, schools, and offices. Our objective is to provide efficient and reliable systems and network support for your valued guests and clients. We will not be satisfied with our work unless the customer is satisfied first! With this in mind, we offer a 30-day unconditional labor guarantee for all requested services./div>

Wi-fi systems








Wi-fi System Features


Robust Wi-Fi Networking

Self-healing technology in our APs allows them to automatically reconfigure and use mesh links in the event of a wired Ethernet switch failure which results in no Wi-Fi downtime



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Guest Login Portal

Professional custom login portal with your brand logo
dynamically adapts to multiple screen sizes across a wide range of mobile device operating systems

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Remote Monitoring

24/7 system automated Wi-Fi monitoring system
allows us to address any Wi-Fi network issue before
your guest reports at your front desk.


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Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management admin allows to control guest internet usage. Set high bandwidth for pay and low bandwidth at no charge to a group or even an individual guest












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