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Manage IT Services

Companies generally look to outsource when areas of their business are more cost effective and efficient when managed by a specialist service provider. Here at SN Link we are in effect the IT department for many of our customers who rely on our team to provide everything their business requires .For others we provide specific specialist services. We also work alongside existing IT departments to provide expertise and consultation for specific functions or we manage the more burdensome tasks that free up their IT staff’s valuable time.

Infrastructure & Consultancy

All businesses rely on a good solid IT infrastructure to operate on a daily basis. Maintaining those systems is a timely and costly process and is the biggest drain on the IT budget. SN Link can design and implement robust solutions helping you reduce costs.

SN Link consultancy services include:

• Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
• Infrastructure Monitoring
• Network Services
• Audits & Reviews

Why choose SN link

SN Link are not tied to any vendor, allowing us to recommend the best solution for the customer’s needs and budget. With 85% of our staff being technical, we can design, consult and install services from infrastructure upgrades to helping customers with business continuity and disaster recovery. Our engineers and technicians deliver a first class service without the jargon, offering support to both large and small businesses.


Cloud & Virtualization

Engaging in Cloud computing or Hosted services means your company’s data, resources and software are provided on your own Private cloud platform , a shared Public platform or a Hybrid of the two.
It has many benefits including long term cost savings, flexibility, scalability, resilience and security.
Virtualization is an area of hosted computing that many of our customers choose to invest in as it is a solution that fits in with their current business practices but allows cost savings, flexibility and resilience versus continuing with more traditional IT set ups.

Why Choose SN Link

For more than 12 years SN Link have been at the forefront of virtualization and cloud hosting, we have helped many businesses realize the benefits of both virtualization and cloud hosting, assisting them on their journey from on-premise/physical servers to hosted/virtualized environments.

Data Management, Security, Backup

SN Link provides on-site, off-site or combinations of Backup and Data Protection strategies and solutions; with or without Disaster Recovery options designed to suit any size organization with or without complex retention policies and regulatory requirements.
Speak to us today and let us help you meet the necessary retention and regulatory requirements for your business, today, tomorrow and indefinitely if required.

SN Linkprovides a complete end-to-end ISO: 27001 compliant service to ensure your business information is handled correctly whether it’s on premise or in the cloud. Our Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services mean your data is in safe hands at every stage




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